Twitter blocks Jenna Ellis for an incredibly stunning reason


The Taliban can tweet but not constitutional attorney Jenna Ellis. She’s restricted for quote-tweeting a White House correspondent about Biden admitting he’s breaking the law by bringing in 30,000 unvetted Afghan refugees.

And he’s sending them to Texas and Wisconsin.

The Story

Constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis, with one million followers, had her account restricted for ‘hate speech.’ Ms. Ellis told Grant Stinchfield on his show last night that it was because she quote-tweeted a White House correspondent who said 30,000 Afghan supposed refugees — unvetted — were going to be coming into the United States because of Biden’s orders.

That’s somehow ‘hate speech.’

Ms. Ellis said [go to 30:10 on the clip] Biden admitted on July 8 that what he was doing was illegal, and he was telling Congress to change the law. He said the so-called refugees are likely going to go to Texas and Wisconsin [helping turn the states blue?].

And, Biden admitted they were not going to be vetted. He wouldn’t allow it. Ms. Ellis asked rhetorically if anyone really believes they are not going to be terrorists?

Ms. Ellis said that this “wasn’t just commentary.” It was “a response to Biden’s actual actions.”

This is after the Left on Twitter was “calling Trump supporters literal terrorists for months and months and that’s okay,” Ms. Ellis said. “But when people like me are standing up for the Constitution, standing up for our rule of law, and simply pointing out facts, saying that Biden is letting in terrorists because he’s not allowing any of these people to be vetted, breaking the law, that somehow is now considered hate speech.”

“And so this is a bigger problem than even just censorship. This is protecting Biden at the expense of the United States safety, border control, and simply pointing out facts.”

But the good news here is we get to hear from the Taliban who are planning a worldwide caliphate and the destruction of the United States.

Republicans, conservatives, former President Trump supporters are not allowed to tweet. But don’t worry, the Taliban have an account they can use for ongoing propaganda. In no time, they will win the hearts of the Left.

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