Biden’s historic food stamp increase by a whopping 30%


USA Welfare State

While our borders are open and Biden is illegally bringing in tens of thousands of poor refugees, he and his communist Democrats in Congress are making us into a welfare state.

The Biden administration on Monday announced a historic expansion to the nation’s food stamp program. This will give more than 40 million Americans about 30% more to spend on groceries while racking up billions in costs to the program.

The New York Times reports it’s “the largest permanent increase in food stamps” in US history. They revised the nutrition standards to do it.

“All 42 million people in the program will receive additional aid. The move does not require congressional approval, and unlike the large pandemic-era expansions, which are starting to expire, the changes are intended to last,” The Times writes.

This is how Americans are ruled now. We don’t get to vote for unelected bureaucrats — socialist bureaucrats — but they pass laws that require them to steal from the taxpayers.

It is massive wealth redistribution.

“To set SNAP families up for success, we need a Thrifty Food Plan that supports current dietary guidance on a budget,” said Stacy Dean, deputy undersecretary for food, nutrition, and consumer services, in the detailed report. “Too many of our fellow Americans struggle to afford healthy meals. The revised plan is one step toward getting them the support they need to feed their families,” Fox News reported.

While it doesn’t seem like much to Democrats, it is when combined with the guaranteed income.

“Coinciding with a large new child tax credit — which temporarily offers families with children an income guarantee — the growth of food aid comes as part of an enormous pandemic-era expansion of government assistance. Critics say that the costs are unsustainable and that the aid erodes Americans’ willingness to work. The new plan will raise the program’s costs by about $20 billion a year from pre-pandemic levels,” The NY Times reports.

Illegal aliens are eligible.

Prepare for hyper-inflation and seniors returning to work.

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