Twitter blocks Project Veritas accounts permanently but now it’s back!


Update: Project Veritas is permanently banned. Everyone had to know this was coming. You wouldn’t want alternative narratives or the truth getting out. We included a message from James O’Keefe at the end.

As it turns out, Twitter relented and Project Veritas is back.



Project Veritas was blocked on Twitter for violating Twitter’s nebulous rules.

Twitter reportedly locked conservative watchdog group Project Veritas and its founder, James O’Keefe, out of their accounts after they released a video confronting a Facebook official on his platform’s hate speech policies.

In screenshots posted by Project Veritas to Telegram on Thursday, the group showed that its account and that of founder James O’Keefe had been locked down. According to the screenshots, Twitter claimed that Veritas and O’Keefe had posted a video that violated its rules on sharing “other people’s private information.”

It’s not clear what the private information. The interviewer from PV was at Vice President Guy Rosen’s home. Perhaps that’s the problem.

The interviewer asked the official what they mean by the company’s vice president talking about “freezing comments.” It is one of their tactics to control so-called hate speech which only seems to come from the Right in their opinion.

This is the offending clip [Update: This was removed for allegedly violating the youtube policy against harassing and bullying. Watch the video on the Project Veritas website or below]:

James O’Keefe released the following:

Nothing more is known except it should be noted that these suspensions are usually followed by permanent bans. He’s in their crosshairs, and you are not allowed to embarrass any of the social media giants.


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