Dems provided proof on day 2 that Mitch McConnell is their ally in impeachment


On Day 2, Democrats suddenly expressed their admiration for Republican senators, the U.S. flag, and the police at the Wednesday Senate impeachment trial. Most stunning, however, was all the affection they have for those GOP senators they’ve hated for years.

Most noteworthy were the clips of Senate Minority Leader McConnell helping Democrats present their case — OrangeManBad.

They showed clip after clip of Mitch McConnell defying the president on Trump’s so-called bid for continued power. Democrats suddenly love Mike Pence also.

Democrats praised the man they recently called ‘Cocaine Mitch’ and regaled the Vice President, who they until now saw as a fundamentalist lunatic who hates gay people.

Even Senators Cruz and Hawley were feted after Democrats only last week tried to get kicked out of Congress.

But it was Mitch’s anti-Trump quotes that gave Democrats a great deal of fodder. He seems to hate Trump truly. Since the trial began, he’s been silent, too silent for a leader. We don’t even know if he will vote to remove Donald Trump from the office he does not hold, and they constitutionally have no authority over him since he is a private citizen.

According to Bloomberg sources, Mitch McConnell is signaling to fellow Republicans that the final vote on Trump’s impeachment is a matter of conscience and that senators who disputed the constitutionality of the trial could still vote to convict.

Really! How nice.

Bloomberg reported that in a Monday meeting, he said what he has been saying in public.

What he has been saying in public is what he said on February 2. At that time, he told reporters: “We’re all going to listen to what the lawyers have to say and making the arguments and work our way through it.”

McConnell has been telling Republican senators since mid-January that this would be a “vote of conscience.”

Day 2 was a performance, a virtual shaming of DJT and his supporters. The entire Democrat Party is nothing more than a propaganda outfit.

There were drama and fake crying from Madeline Dean that might help her future career advancement. Her voice cracking throughout, surprisingly demonstrating her love for the U.S. flag, she could barely bear to recall the terrifying banging on the doors.


Who knew Democrats could love the flag and the police so much after years of trashing both.

Democrats reported that then AG Bill Barr told Trump to his face that widespread election fraud claims were “bullshit.” That’s nice. Trump had no shortage of employees who give Democrats soundbites.

The managers did well if you ignore who they are. For instance, the outraged Swalwell slept with a Chinese spy for years and is a member of the House intel committee.

All the performances were worthy of a TV Emmy. What they didn’t do is show how Donald Trump caused the insurrection. All of his comments are protected under the First Amendment.

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