Twitter censors President Trump – protecting us from a different opinion


The New York Post, Breitbart, and others reported this year in the Democratic primary that 26 percent of mail-in votes were disqualified (roughly 84,208 ballots.)

“The New York City Board of Elections disqualified 84,208 vote-by-mail ballots — 26% of the total cast — in the June 23 Democratic presidential primary, according to a report cited Wednesday evening by the New York Post.“

Just the same, Twitter decided to fact check the President and deny reality:

Many aren’t buying it:

This mail-in voting should go well — for Democrats that is. They will have their chaos.

Ironically, Joe Biden voted in person.

There are reports every day of screw-ups. The Democrats decided that during a major election, the most important election in our history, that this is the right time to make a massive change to the way we vote.

They are taking absentee voting and converting it into mail-in voting although it wasn’t meant for that. There isn’t the staff or system set up for it.

Many have also gone with universal balloting. What they mean by that is they are sending ballots to every household, every voter, no longer at the address, alive or dead.

Take this person in D.C. who received four extra ballots.

If he had decided to cast all the ballots, no one would ever prove he did it and no one would check anyway.

The excuse for mail-in voting is the COV, even though Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases said it is safe to vote in person. Dr. Redfield, head of the CDC said the same thing.

Or take this:

New York City is sending out double ballots:

Then, on a larger scale, the New York City Board of Elections admitted that 99,477 voters in Brooklyn were mailed absentee ballot return envelopes with the wrong address and the wrong names printed on them.

After nearly 100,000 voters received erroneous envelopes in their absentee ballot packages, the New York City Board of Elections announced a plan to print and mail new absentee ballots.

Now there are 100,000 more ballots out there that could be used illicitly.

What could possibly go wrong? Thank goodness we have Twitter around to protect us from ourselves.

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