Twitter is creeping on us with Soviet-like technology


If you’re on Twitter, the platform’s technology is creeping on you. It knows when you are going to be mean, and encourages you to pause and reconsider when you post something unkind in reply to someone else.

The company has been testing a function that identifies potentially harmful, offensive, and inconsiderate replies and then prompts users to potentially reconsider their Tweet before sending.

In their tests, the product team found that 34% of users decided to change or delete their reply after the prompt, those same people were 11% less likely to Tweet unkind things in the future, and those people were less likely to receive harmful and offensive replies in response.

What they can do with this is a bigger problem. Will this be used in other venues?

Twitter is creepy and so is the CEO and all his angry Leftist peeps. Soviet censorship is here.

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