Officer Silvester of LeBron-mocking-video fame got a book deal


In a remarkable turn of fortune, the Idaho deputy who mocked Lebron after he made idiotic statements about an officer in Ohio landed a book deal.

He’s also back at work on administrative duty.

Nate Silvester, of the Marshal’s Office in Bellevue, told KTVB that he was reinstated as of Thursday, adding that he has signed a book deal with Di Angelo Publications with the working title of “Never Off Duty.”

He said he will donate part of the money raised in a GoFundMe campaign that has reportedly raised nearly $500,000 to the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Silvester posted a TikTok video in which he pretended to have a phone conversation with the NBA superstar while witnessing an imaginary black person trying to stab another black person, KTVB reported.

His GoFundMe is currently over $510,000.

The GoFundMe states:

He still plans on donating a portion of the funds collected to that charity. Since this has become significantly bigger than I ever anticipated, and landed Nate on some major national news, he wishes to use this platform he’s been given to help other officers in other situations similar to his, on a case by case basis.

He has spoken to his attorney to help him figure out how to best help him with all of this, since this is his first time ever being in a situation where he can help others and give back in this capacity. The details on how this will work are still not 100% clear because he’s working on a few different ideas with his attorney, but he calls these “Blue Funds” because he plans to use them to help other officers and their families at his discretion.

He was denounced by his department for the joke as the cancel culture pressured them. Officer Silvester was suspended without pay. Watch the video if you didn’t see it.

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Return Trip
Return Trip
2 years ago

There is no bad press as a rock star once said.
The SJW burn it all down and build utopia plan is really not that popular outside of Marxist U.
Sympathy for millionaire sportsballers prattling on about oppression and disrespecting the USA? (nope)