Twitter Knew Trump Didn’t Incite the J6 Riot, Not Even Coded Incitement


Liberal reporter Bari Weiss is doing honest, straight-down-the-line reporting of the Twitter Files and posted Twitter Files #5 that show Twitter officials knew DJT hadn’t violated the rules, not even in a coded way. They knew there was no incitement to violence.

So far, the three reporters, including Matt Taibbi and Michael Schellenberg, who are posting the files, are liberals. Other reporters are helping and are tied to Ms. Weiss’s substack, The Freedom Press: @IsaacGrafstein. @SnoozyWeiss, @Olivia_Reingold, @petersavodnik, @NellieBowles.

Twitter employees knew they had no basis for banning it, but they did it anyway. As Elon Musk said, Twitter is a crime scene.


On January 8th, Donald Trump had one remaining strike and tweeted twice.

The pressure to ban was on.

Most Twitter employees who were consulted wanted him banned but couldn’t figure out how to hit him with the “incitement” label. They even decided they couldn’t say it was “coded” language. Despite DJT not violating any Twitter rules, the overwhelming majority eventually decided to ban his account permanently.

[One of the things that struck me was how our uniparty said at the time and continues to say Donald Trump incited the violence. Even these young radicals knew he hadn’t.]

There was an occasional dissenter, like a Chinese man who understood what silencing people does to a nation.

Ms. Weiss also pointed to horrendous tweets by public officials that Twitter left up. She gave several examples. One was from the Nigerian Prime Minister telling his people to attack the Tigray Region.

The radical left-wingers were angry they didn’t ban DJT yet. They accused others of being Nazis while they ironically fit the description.

But Twitter still banned Trump even though the execs concluded he did not violate any policies.

It sounds like Dorsey responded to pressure, and Roth is the actual banally evil employee.

Foreign leaders were deeply concerned.

A handful of people at a social media company were able to shut down the speech of the President of the United States. Isn’t something wrong here?

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