Twitter Poster: Ask Permission to Put “Pasty White Fingers” in Comments


This isn’t racist at all. The lady, I don’t know her name, says you need to ask permission before running your pasty white fingers in the comments section.

You have to be “melanated” and have the right skin color if you comment on her Twitter page.

If you are. not brown or black, you must write to her and say, “Lord, may I please have your permission to say something.”

“It’s Black Power forever,” she says.

She’s not much on the 1st Amendment.


I’m pretty sure she works at my DMV.

It’s pure and simple racist hate speech. Turn this around, and we’d be socially ostracized. We either stand united as one human race or fall divided.

We will get right on it….. Bwahahahaha!

Lol…typical Democrat.

There is a free mental health clinic two blocks ahead.

Who is this “lady”? My fingers are itching to run themselves pastily around her page because she’s just not very nice.


Please, no vile racist comments in the comments section. This woman represents no one. She’s a random odd person.

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