Twitter Puts a Warning on AHA Study About mRNA


Twitter is trying hard to self-destruct, unless, that is, their staff is loaded with doctors and scientists who know more than the American Heart Association.

Twitter slapped an “unsafe link” warning on a study from the American Heart Association. The study found that mRNA vaccine dramatically increases the risk of developing heart diseases from 11% to 25%.

The people censoring Twitter are mad.

Do you believe these crazy Marxists? They stop you from clicking your way to the AHA abstract and give you this warning:

The new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal is looking for ways to manipulate conversations and “peoples’ attention” since “times have changed” and we are “beyond the First Amendment.”

He must also think the censors know more than scienctists.

Agrawal’s on a mission to destroy Twitter in record time. Their stock is down 40% from its 52 week high, but he seems to have put it on speed.

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