Twitter Removes Then Reinstates FL Surgeon General’s Warning


Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo courageously spoke against endless COVID restrictions, mask mandates, and universal vaccination. Attacks have followed. He spoke out again on Friday with a warning.

On Friday, Ladapo’s department issued an important release, an analysis by Florida’s Department of Health into cardiac-related deaths among young men within the first 28 days after vaccination with one of the mRNA products from Pfizer or Moderna.

We’re reasonably sure Big Pharma wouldn’t have liked this tweet’s recommendation, which could be why it was taken down. It warned healthy youths 18 to age 39, especially males, to avoid vaccination.

The tweet was removed and then reinstated on Twitter, but the attacks continue non-stop.

It hadn’t even been 24 hours since Ladapo tweeted it out. The tweet was removed with a message from Twitter that read: “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules.” A backlink was also provided that reads: “Learn more.”

There was no explanation of why the tweet was removed, though the backlink said the content “may contain disputed or misleading information.”

People were furious on Twitter for the big tech’s censorship of a government official.

Twitter promptly re-instated the post in question after the blowback on the social media site about the censoring. At noon on the East Coast Sunday, the Tweet was back.

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