Twitter removes WH pandemic task force member’s comment about masks


Twitter removed a post from White House pandemic task force member Dr. Scott Atlas. They said he violated its policy by posting “misleading information.”

A spokesperson told CNN that the post was removed for sharing false or misleading content related to the pandemic.

The tweet originally said, “Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Philippines, UK, Spain, Israel. WHO: ‘widespred use not supported’ + many harms; Henghan/Oxf CEBM: “despite decades, considerable uncertainty re value’: CDC rvw May: ‘no sig red” n in influz transm’m'” learn why,” Atlas wrote. It contained information about the effectiveness of masks in the CCP virus pandemic.

He also wrote on Oct. 17 that “the right policy is [President Donald Trump’s] guideline” to “use masks for their intended purpose – when close to others, especially hi risk. Otherwise, social distance. No widespread mandates.”

Admiral Brett Giroir, assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services and the head of the Trump administration’s testing response, wrote, “#Masks work? YES!” he wrote on Saturday.

“And even though cases/hospitalizations are increasing, we can control #COVID19 by wearing masks when we can’t distance, avoiding crowds especially indoors, good hygiene, and smart testing of contacts and to identify/isolate those asymptomatic but infectious,” he added.

It sounds like they’re both basically saying the same thing.

Masks are the subject of controversy since the virus is smaller than the holes in many masks but there is logic in reducing spray from one person to another.

This comes after Twitter censored everything about the Hunter Biden scandal this past week.

Dr. Fauci himself has gone back and forth on the issue of masks.

Dr. Atlas is a highly-respected doctor who also speaks out about the extreme lockdowns. he is an independent thinker.

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