Twitter suspends official Arizona audit accounts


Arizona has turned in some damning data, the Michigan secretary of state violated her election laws, three Georgia counties are under investigation, Pennsylvania has slowly begun their election audit, and 12 counties are under investigation in Texas.

The Left is becoming hysterical over it. As a result of the Democrat desperation, Twitter suspended the official Arizona audit accounts:

Can Wendy Rogers be far behind? Arizona Audit champion State Senator Wendy Rogers asks supporters to follow her on Gab and Telegram, warning she believes she will be next.

Senator Rogers said, “The people reject the tech overlords and the crooks in Washington DC. We need states to step up and defend their citizens from these tyrannical clowns.”

These people in DC are neo-fascists and communists as Jim Banks said on Newsmax two days ago.



  1. We reject the spy operation data harvesting scam of Big Tech Bolshevik malware ops.
    Well, some of us do and the others can hope that their chains rest lightly in the hivemind gulag.

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