Twitter Users Urged Now-Dead Facebook Killer to Kill Trump, Trump Supporters, Twitter Ignores


Steve Stephens

Some Leftists/Liberals on social media pleaded with the Cleveland madman to kill President Trump and his supporters. Twitter allowed it.

The killer, a black man named Steven Stephens, killed himself in Erie, Pennsylvania after he shot and killed an elderly black man, Robert Godwin, live on Facebook.

Stephens is no longer a threat but the people who urged him to kill people on the right are still alive and well and tweeting. Twitter, the company that is continually taking down right-wing pages, did nothing about this yet.

When a thug stole from a store, roughed up the owner, tried to kill a police officer, the left thought that was the worse thing that could ever happen. However, an innocent elderly black man is murdered and that’s not much of a problem for them.

The tweets were reported by Redstate.

Robert Godwin

The killer’s mother Maggie Green told CNN when she spoke to her son, Steve Stephens, Sunday afternoon, he was angry with his girlfriend.

Stephens told Green he was “mad with his girlfriend that’s why he is shooting people and he won’t stop until his mother or girlfriend tell him to stop.”

Green said she told her son to stop shooting.

She must be some piece of work also.


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