Twitter verifies CCP propagandist with few followers


A blue check who says he’s a doctor in San Francisco, Dr. Jialun, opened his account with Chinese Communist Party propaganda against the Uyghurs. He has few followers, yet Twitter gave him a blue check. This is who Twitter thinks is worthy.

He’s obviously pushing China lies and Twitter thought him deserving of an immediate blue check. Twitter fully supports Chinese Communist Party propagandists. We knew it and here is more confirmation.

Jialun took his photo off his Twitter page but the page is still up. Yesterday, he claimed Trump and his supporters were responsible for the ramming attack of two officers at the Capitol in D.C.

After it became clear that the killer is a Farrakhan follower, he still blamed Trump and his supporters. He claims the rioters of January 6th caused this and Trump is responsible for them.

As Yashar Ali noted, this man was verified with under 100 followers and put out anti-Uyghur propaganda out of the box.

On linked In, he called himself a medical assistant, but that page was taken down.


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