Twitteratis were offended when Trump used the word ‘thugs’ but not when Obama used it


The left was offended by the President’s use of the word ‘thugs’ in his third censored tweet this week.

‘Thugs, thugs, thugs’ trended this morning on the platform. As it happens, many of the ‘thugs’ and ringleaders in Minneapolis were white leaders, including Antifa. ‘Thugs’ is a good word and we should never give it up.

No one will ever find a definition of ‘thugs’ that says it refers to people who are black. White liberals/leftists make up this stuff. They’re trying to ruin the language.

I have used the word many times over the years, and it was almost always to reference nasty white people, like the mob, dock workers, or violent criminals.

Nonetheless, the crazy left thinks it means something it doesn’t:

We don’t even criticize former President Obama for using the word. We applaud his use of descriptive adjectives.

The critics are hypocrites. They had no problem with Obama using the word.

Twitter has censored three of the President’s tweets this week, but they can’t seem to find the hateful venom spewed by the left. I try to help them with that by reporting the hatemongers, but, still, they can’t seem to find them.


President Trump’s tweet was censored this morning by the leftist Twitter fact-checkers for “glorifying violence,” although it’s obvious their fine sensibilities were disturbed by the word, ‘thugs.’

As famed law professor, Jonathan Turley wrote, the standard Twitter has established is “ambiguous and subjective.” That’s true of many of Twitter’s rules. That’s so they can subjectively censor people.

President Trump explained what he meant, and it was harmless and factual, as he said.

Twitter’s head of integrity, Yoel Roth, whose job it is to seek out offenders, literally hates the President (the ‘racist tangerine’) and people on the right, but we are told we must believe he’s objective.

Sure, Jack.


Meanwhile, as Twitter continues its vendetta over tweets, peoples’ lives are being ruined by outsiders paid by people like George Soros to create mayhem.

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Toothless Hill Scoggin
Toothless Hill Scoggin
3 years ago

@ John V,

I adopted deplorable kulak untermenschen scum and I love it!
The enemy doesn’t scare me and I hate them to the point of intoxication.
Regressives are the laughingstock of the world and our external enemies can see the useful fifth column of idiots.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

When people automatically identify themselves with a “word” – they “become” the essence of the word…they may rail against it thereafter if the connotations are less than pleasing, but it is now theirs by “adoption” so to speak…can be banned in print or otherwise but remains their “heritage” even in their own minds…

Nothing New Under The Sun
Nothing New Under The Sun
3 years ago

Prisoners being released means revolution in progress. The kung flu societal reset is in effect.
The mayhem caused by those released will cause society to demand a police crackdown and restore order and viola even more powers gained and rights usurped.
Thugs as a term could mean any race and you could put any ethnic background after the word thug.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Thugs is right Barbarians would be better.