White House under brief lockdown as Democrats riot in several cities


The White House was under a brief lockdown on Friday night as protests/riots raged in several U.S. cities allegedly over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd. The rioters, to distinguish them from actual protesters, are simply troublemakers and criminals.

These Democrat rioters are phonies. Does anyone actually believe they all care about George Floyd?

As the White House was locked down, reporters were moved into the West Wing for safety.


This Tucker segment is great:


In Atlanta, the lunatic Democrats (Black Lives Matter, Antifa) are destroying police cars.

They were vandalizing the CNN Center and using it for soapbox lectures;




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2 years ago

I just heard an interview on Fox with Leland and some black guy. It got really hostile. To be brief, it ended with the black man accusing Trump of wanting to “shoot people”. When Leland tried to explain something the man went off, saying it was all a game. SO, where did this man learn that Trump wanted to shoot people. Trump basically said, when there are looters it turns into shooters, which by the way is happening right now in Minneapolis. It was the “Media” that twisted Trumps words beyond recognition.It is the same with the W.H. Press corps. So, The Media is to BLAME FOR ALL THIS.


2 years ago

Fox keeps cutting away. For crying out loud Shannon KNOCK OFF the Damn social distancing comments.

2 years ago

Tucker really hit it home tonight. I said this several years ago, even on the WHCA site and the comment was removed within minutes. When the media, politicians, and so many others try to inflame the passions of the public in certainly won’t end well. As I said, it could end in a full-on civil war. We are Now in the midst of a war. Look around, city after city after city are in the midst of it. When the media, who are the worst, will not even acknowledge what they are doing, but continue as what happened today against Trump. They sounded no different than those creating the carnage. I doubt even CNN will learn a lesson with what happened to them this evening. As I wrote to the WHCA, Once you give support for violent acts and “legitimize” it, you are going down a road that is dangerous for the whole country. Now it’s not just pockets of Antifa in select locations but throughout the US. Soon the only alternative is to declare Martial Law and even possibly a military occupation. We are closing in again, as a country, to the days reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln. I fear Trump may have been prophetic with comparisons to Lincoln. God help us all.

John Vieira
2 years ago

The “developed” countries of the world, especially the USA and Britain, their religions and way of life, have been under attack for years. Britain woke up and BREXIT occurred, half of America woke up and Trump was elected…France lost their chance and Hungary and Poland are playing wait and see…some politicians on the left are playing a dangerous game…especially in an “overarmed” society…hopefully they, and their minions, overplay their hand and end up like the palace conspirators after the French Revolution, emigres to whoever would have them…