Twitter’s Still a Rat’s Nest Filled With Government Agents


Something interesting going around Twitter from an anonymous person with the handle “Name Redacted.” The Twitter user listed several former government agents who hold jobs at Twitter and were allegedly hired only since Donald Trump was elected President.

You can check the tweets below.

If this is the case and it appears accurate, it needs immediate attention. Twitter could be a rat’s nest of FBI, DOJ, DNI, and CIA agents, the very people censoring the Right.

The government is filled with Obama appointees and lifers who want to transform this country into a one-party State. Employing them at Twitter can’t be a good thing.

Yoel Roth, the Trust & Safety tyrant, met weekly with agents from the FBI, DHS, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

The media can downplay this as a nothing burger, but everyone should be alarmed by it.

Facebook likely has the same problem.

It’s illegal for the government to work with corporations to suppress Americans’ speech. It’s fascism, real fascism, Mussolini-level fascism. As Harmeet Dhillon said on Fox, there needs to be litigation. We need accountability.

Jack Dorsey testified they didn’t shadow-ban or censor the Right for political opinions.  It’s hard to say what Dorsey’s role was since he seemed somewhat removed for the past several years. But, he appears to be a liar. One would think he had to know they were censoring users. The place was filled with government agents, and meetings went on weekly.


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