Two black ladies tell whites to stop kneeling, cut it out, it’s ‘demonic’


‘No Kneeling’ is trending on Twitter. Kneeling is a subservient position usually reserved for God. It’s not appropriate to kneel before men, but it’s the latest virtue signaling by whites meant to prove they’re anti-racist.

We have a clip of two ladies telling whites to stop kneeling out of white guilt, it’s ‘demonic.’ I don’t know if it’s demonic, but it certainly is obscene.


‘No kneeling’ is trending in part because President Trump said, after praising Drew Brees, that he shouldn’t have apologized for saying he would never kneel before the flag. The left is quite angry about that.

‘Kneel Together ‘is the new calling card of the radical, violent Black Lives Matter group, and they’re making fools of white panderers. The Omni Hotel flashed ‘Kneel Together’ at Black Lives Matter’s request and in their honor.

Think about this, we can’t go to church, but we can run around with these communist, cop-hating Black Lives Matter bullies if we want to protest and we can break a few windows.

The NFL plans to start kneeling during the anthem again after the death of George Floyd. Roger Goodell said he is sorry he didn’t listen to his players who were kneeling during the anthem. “I personally protest with you and want to be part of the much needed change in this country.” It looks like Goodell is assuming all white people are racist and it’s systemic.

Look at these posers, these buffoonish congressmen in the photo. They’re panderers.

The kneeling is contagious. It doesn’t seem sincere. We don’t even know if former officer Chauvin, who kneed George Floyd, is a racist. He might be rotten to all suspects. Two of the policemen involved in the death of Mr. Floyd are minorities and two had just started on the job. They were in training. That’s not to excuse them, it’s just fact.


These two black women tell white people to stop with the white guilt. They feel it is demonic to kneel before any man, no matter the color of the person’s skin:

You might have already seen this clip of a racist Black Lives Matter member getting a white woman to kneel in subservience. At least he said he is Black Lives Matter:

As Tucker said, kneeling will never be enough. Why surrender to the mob? He said the new religion is group humiliation.

He also points out who the Black Lives Matter people are:


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