Two Coeds Want to End Medical School Admission Standards


Alessandro Hammond of Harvard and Cameron Sabet of the University of Pennsylvania called on the American Association of Medical Colleges in an op-ed to change the MCAT to pass or fail. The coeds say it would provide greater equity for applicants.

The Washington Post op-ed piece, the two woke coeds argued that white applicants have an unfair advantage through the test. Their piece is based on a Marxist view that white students are privileged.

A month ago, the American Bar Association elected to scrap admissions test requirements for law schools over similar claims.

It only takes two students to make this happen because radical forces back their views. Once a piece like this is written, Marxist professors and allies will use this as an excuse to get it done. How do two students get a major op-ed piece in The Washington Post if not backed by more powerful Marxists?

The coeds say the tests cost too much, and wealthier students can afford courses, books, and coaches.

While the two students noted the MCATs serve as a way to measure applicants’ core competencies, they said the current test is flawed.

By changing the exam to a pass-fail test, the students said it would force colleges to review each applicant better rather than putting most of the weight of their decisions on a single test score.

It’s only one measure, and they are looking to destroy standards.


Hammond and Sabet also noted that the average scores of racial groups point to a trend that privilege can often dictate how well an applicant does on the MCAT. Privilege is defined as “white people.”

The median MCAT score for white applicants falls on the 83rd percentile, while Hispanic students fall in the 65th percentile. The median score for black students falls on the 61st percentile, and Native American applicants fall on the 58th percentile.

The Wokes want to quickly move away from meritocracy and give advantages to those who don’t earn them if they are the right color. It’s a racist ploy based on a Marxist ideology. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are buying into Marxist values.

A pass-fail system would only allow more unqualified students to get into schools where they don’t belong. Placing unqualified students in medical schools based on race is a terrible idea. That’s especially true since minorities have advantages once they are in medical school based on race.

Sadly, it only takes two coeds to change the basis of our admissions system to the finest colleges in the country.

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11 months ago

It’s always the Dumb Shits who are all for the Bigotry of Low expectations. A few Facts, it’s Asians who do the best in School. Their IQs are higher than White People. White People do have a leg up on the other minorities. As a Group White People are are smarter the other Minorities. Though inbreeding with the less smart is changing that. Of course Liberal heads are exploding and calling me a White Supremacist Racist about now. But, facts are facts. I married an Asian. Asians are smart.

I have friends who are Black and Hispanic, but they are the smart ones. I don’t particularly like dumb people and so far there isn’t a law against that. What drives me as crazy as nails on a chalkboard is low expectation. Elites have been dumbing down White People since the 1960s with Low Expectations in assembly line schools. The Elites don’t like the competition that Free Societies can create for the Masses which is why they are all for the assembly line schools for the masses and “special” schools for their children. They especially attack Black Men who excel. That is why I am against public school and for education vouchers that follow the Student. If a Black kid is a Genius, he belongs in a school where a Genius can excel and become the next great Engineer like Elon Musk.

There isn’t a Kumbaya World out there. If America doesn’t get it’s head out of the fog there won’t be an America. A country needs Doctors as much as Ditch Diggers, but if you make Ditch Diggers Doctors a lot of people will die who don’t have to.

We are where we are at today because we have lowered Standards when we should be raising them. It will be interesting to see where these two “Students” are in 10 years. Something tells me they won’t be qualified to carry Ben Carson’s (a Black Neurosurgeon) medical bag. By the way, Ben Carson is estimated to have an IQ in the 97 percentile overall which puts him in the top 1% of Black People. It takes Intelligence, physical talent, and dedication to accomplish what Ben Carson has done with his life. Like all great people, he earned it.
All rich people aren’t great people, most are just incredibly lucky to be rich! The vast majority of smart people don’t seek extravagant wealth; they seek perfection. When I meet someone who is comfortable with a participation trophy, I know I’m dealing with someone who isn’t very smart. The MCAT is hard for a reason; we need to weed out people like Dr. Fauci from Medicine.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

The elimination of merit destroys society (and leads to extinction).