Two Counties Delay Certification of the Election, Elias Threatens Them


At least two of the 26 counties in Arizona have failed to certify the recent election to show solidarity with Maricopa county over the machine malfunctions and other violations.

Cochise and Mohave counties have delayed certification.

Cochise County’s two Republican supervisors had also filed a lawsuit against the county’s elections director seeking a hand count of ballots cast on Election Day. They filed to withdraw the suit on Wednesday when threatened by Marc Elias.

In Mohave County, located in Arizona’s northwestern corner, the five Republicans who comprise the Board of Supervisors delayed their certification of the county canvass in a split vote on Monday. They are protesting the problems in the Maricopa election.

The supervisors who voted for the delay framed the decision as a political statement of solidarity after some in the GOP raised concerns about voting in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous jurisdiction, which includes Phoenix.

Marc Elias, Hillary’s campaign lawyer, is now threatening Mohave County. These counties don’t have the money to fight Elias.

Others may join these two rural counties.

Far more Republicans showed up than Democrats, yet Democrats won election after election.

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4 days ago

let Elias sue…. opens the door for DISCOVERY!!

5 days ago

Time for ball bats and swinging for the fences folks.

5 days ago

Marc Elias and Hiliar Clinton deserve a class action lawsuit from every American for voter disenfranchisement! We have been screwed by them long enough. And Sue to EXILE THEM PERMANENTLY FROM THE POLITICAL PROCESS!! Take Obama and Soros with them. They are EVIL traitors and should be treated as such.

5 days ago

I wonder what the New Congress is going to find out about Marc Elias and the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam. The People of AZ need to file a Case action suit and find Judge who will demand a New Election and put people in Jail for Contempt if there isn’t one. We can’t let AZ be another Alamo.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 days ago

Ignore bully Elias. Do not certify, defy any court orders otherwise. Or, certify by excluding suspicious ballots.

Do we notice that none of the crook republicans are helping the cause?

Do we notice that crook Brnovich is in hiding? It seems that 3 counties told the republican crooks (Ducey, Brnovich) that they will not certify. So, the crooks are gathering excuses to justify certifications. Ducey and Brnovich kneel before the feet of Elias. Ducey has an aim to be a senator.