Breaking News: CBS Just Got Hunter’s Laptop Everyone Had 2 Years Ago


This is beyond bizarre. CBS News hacks just obtained and reported on the Hunter laptop data two years after the media hid it from the public. At that time, the media didn’t want the explosive data exposing Biden family corruption to affect the 2020 election so they claimed it was Russian misinformation. The NY Post, which had the explosive report, was banned on social media until after the election. The video of the CBS report can be watched below.

They could have gotten the data at any time within the past two years from Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, The Daily Mail, CNN, NY Post, NY Times, and any number of other media outlets that already confirmed it.

CBS can no longer be considered a serious news outlet. We’ve known that for a while, but this is the clincher.

Catherine Herridge had to give the report. What a comedown from her role as a serious reporter.

Two years ago!!!

Why are they doing this now? Well, Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer promised to investigate the Hunter laptop and Joe Biden’s role in the corruption it reveals.

Will CBS now come up with fake reports trying to debunk Joe Biden’s role? The answer is ‘yes.’

They’ve already started. Herridge quoted Hunter’s lawyer saying the computer repairman never had the right to the data on the computer. CBS didn’t bother to verify the lawyer’s dishonest statement.

We have the receipt that appears to have Hunter’s signature on it. Most media outlets have it. It says, “In the event of nonpayment, The Mac Shop reserves the right to remove any equipment or parts installed.”

The blow-up of the key section of the receipt:


Watch this ‘news’ report, two years too late:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 days ago

Herridge lost ethical credibility when she joined CBS. She went for lots of money over truth. She seems to fit into her disinformation role well. She now delivers scripted reports instead of personal reports.

Anyone who has recollection and persistence knows that McCarthy is pretending. To think otherwise is just plain silly. He has at least 5 firm votes against him. Gaetz and others have thoroughly denounced him. I just saw 2 of them do that live. Of course, junk RINO media will not cover that. They cheer for their speaker elect. Look at the people on TV pretending to be conservatives and supporting McCarthy.

John Vieira
4 days ago

CBS, like CNN, belong in a ‘dumpster’…

5 days ago

Two diametrically opposed things are happening at once. Even Democrats now know that Traitor Joe needs to Go and they are scared to Death of Heels Up Harris. Next, they know the Lid has blown of the Top of the Hunter Laptop and the corruption of the Biden Crime Family and Democrats will be the Story of the Century. What Democrats now fear is if the Biden Crime Family story drags on into 2025, their won’t be a Democrat Party and Communist Liberal Democrats will treated like Trump Supporters are now well into the future. I now think Democrats want to blow through the taking down of the Biden Crime Family as quick as possible so it won’t fester like a bad sore into the 2024 Election Season. The Media wants to cover made up Trump stories in 2024 instead of real Biden Crime Family News.

5 days ago

CBS(Constant BullShit), the network of Dan RatHer. Remember him.

5 days ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat