Two Dems stole packages off stoops while handing out Warnock, Ossoff flyers


Two people working for the Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigns, handing out flyers, have been arrested for stealing packages from Columbia County homes.

Cesar Guerrero and Santina Walker confessed. A Deputy found the packages in the trunk of a vehicle driven by Walker after they were called to the scene based on reported suspicious activity.

“There were also multiple items in the trunk that appeared to be new.  All of the items still in the boxes were returned to the owners, and the other items were taken on property receipts,” sheriff’s Maj. Steve Morris said in a press release.

Walker and Guerrero were transported to CID, where they were interviewed. Both suspects confessed. Each offender was charged with four misdemeanor thefts.  Guerrero also received a felony obstruction warrant for punching a deputy multiple times in the head while being taken into custody.

That sounds like a light penalty for belting a deputy repeatedly. Nice guy.

They are both Richmond County residents.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

These two are early implementors of the end of private property. This fits in with the end of the sanctity of your vote.

2 years ago

Typical commie leftists…stealing while deceiving.

2 years ago

Derpy, derp. Be like all smart n’ stuff.
Some of the best traps for poseur porch package poaching pukes is the used kitty litter in a box treatment!
Bwahaha! Tube will probably pull those vids now because…dat’s wayciss!