Two Hours in the Life of Sheriff Joe’s Press Secretary


Sheriff Joe

During today’s presser, White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki said people call Joe Biden – Sheriff Joe. She also said she wouldn’t comment on the Rittehouse case and then called Kyle Rittenhouse a vigilante with an assault rifle. She topped off the presser with a couple of lies.

She says they call Joe Biden, ‘Sheriff Joe.’ That’s incorrect. The only Sheriff Joe is Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe should sue him for copyright infringement.

No one has ever called Joe Biden, Sheriff Joe. No one ever will no matter how much Red tries to convince us it’s true.

Joe is actually known as ‘Brandon.’ Let’s go, Brandon!

Sheriff Joe

Fox News’s correspondent Peter Doocy asked why Biden suggested that Kyle Rittenhouse is a ‘white supremacist.’ Red said she couldn’t comment on an ongoing case but managed to say Kyle Rittenhouse is a vigilante with an assault weapon [rifle in real speak].

When police are told to stand down, people will hire security. Kyle was hired to provide security for Car Sources.

And this isn’t true:

It’s not Biden’s rotten policies, it’s the virus:

Sheriff Joe

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