Two of Kari Lake’s Ten Election Fraud Claims Will Go to Trial


Two out of ten claims of election fraud in Kari Lake’s lawsuit will go to trial. The Arizona state judge dismissed eight claims. The dismissed claims were for violations of freedom of speech, invalid signatures on mail-in ballots, equal protection, due process, secrecy clause, incorrect certification, inadequate remedy, and constitutional rights claims.

The two claims approved for the trial are fraudulent tabulator configurations and violations pertaining to the chain of custody for ballots.  Mrs. Lake will have to prove intentional wrongdoing. It’s challenging now that the results were certified by county and state officials.

Katie Hobbs’s attorney’s request for an outright dismissal of all charges failed. Hobbs claimed Lake had no evidence. However, it will be a very tough case for the former gubernatorial candidate to prove, but not impossible.

In the claim about tabulator configurations, Lake alleged that malfunctioning printers in Maricopa County left them vulnerable to hacking and blamed the situation on “intentional action.” In the second claim, she alleged that there were breaches of policy for the chain of custody of ballots.

On another note, Mrs. Lake heard that the media coverage of her during the campaign was 100% negative. That was probably accurate, and it amounted to millions of dollars worth of free media funding of the Hobbs campaign, which she ran from the basement.

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1 year ago

It looks like the Judge is going to try and thread a needle; find Malfeasance, but not find a Remedy.