TX and MS drop mask mandate, open businesses 100%


Both Texas and Mississippi are dropping the mask mandate and opening up businesses at 100% capacity. Officials warn against it, but they haven’t been terribly reliable.

The two state officials feel the deaths, hospitalizations, and cases are down enough. The vaccine is now being rapidly distributed. Hopefully, they are right.

The Dem panic over pandemic is being ignored, and Americans in the two states are regaining their freedom.

In the meantime, the New York lawmakers are going to take away disgraced Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers. [Oh, yes, please, and open up. We are prisoners here in New York.]

There are those who disagree and are in the last throes of panic [there is little to no difference in places that locked down with masks and those that didn’t]:

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jack johnson
jack johnson
2 years ago

Iowa did it 2 weeks ago….not much hullabaloo. If you are worried then YOU can wear a mask, stay away from others, not go to a restaurant or bar and buy your groceries online…..leave the rest of us alone.

Where does it say we need to be part of your irrational nightmare.

Leather Duster Six Shooters
Leather Duster Six Shooters
2 years ago

Brace yourselves because the Branch Covidians will go bat guano ballistic.
Look for terminal pearl clutching and hysterics from the CCP owned enemedia complex.
The narrative will be deplorable kulak untermenschen Trumptards are putting us all in danger.
Saw a tweet capture showing the 99.9% survival rate for about seven major countries across the world.
It has probably been memory holed by now which is why it was saved to das Archive!

2 years ago

And people wonder why I moved to Mississippi. The State never really closed down at all and did far better than places like NY and NJ. This is a State that loves it’s Freedom and Liberty. In general, all regulations here are minimal. There is open carry and concealed carry without a permit. Where I live there is virtually no crime. When I’m here my stress level is minimum because there’s almost no Communist Democrats here. My Doctor cuts my meds in half when I’m hanging out here so I’m not over medicated. I’m convinced that Big Blue Cities are toxic and kills people. My sister, who is a Bleeding Heart California Style Liberal, finally called me on the Land Line because I wasn’t answering my Cell Phone. I told her that I hadn’t seen my cell phone in a week. It’s probably in the Pickup Truck. She can’t understand how I can go a week without being attached to an iPhone. I then informed her that I still have my old Flip Phone. That’s when she lost it. This a woman who once had a 3,000 minute plan and went over her limit. How can you spend over an hour a day on the phone; every day?