TX Lt. Gov: 30 Million Might Come Illegally Under Biden! 20% of Our Population Could Be Here Illegally


Lt. Governor Dan Patrick joined Fox & Friends Sunday morning to discuss what some people call an invasion It is led by Democrats and Joe Biden. What Mr. Patrick said was shocking and deeply disturbing.


The Lt. Governor said, “Under Joe Biden, 30 million illegal aliens will get into our country and by the end of the Biden term, 20% of the people here in the United States will be illegal aliens. How will that be for our country?”

“Here’s a number I hope I can give all of you that will be repeated over and again as a headline and that is we are facing a situation on the border that by the end of the first term of Joe Biden nearly 20% of all Americans who will be here illegally.”

“Where do I get that number? These are numbers that we created in Texas but MIT did a study before Biden became president that we had 30 million people here illegally in Texas. We’ve been apprehending 400,000 a year for the last twenty years. We get one out of three over four years, that’s 24 million people at a minimum. In this first term of Biden, last year we apprehended over two million. If we get one out of three, that’s six that came in.

“We’re projecting two-and-a-half million this year. That means seven-and-a-half million will come in if we apprehend one out of three in Joe Biden’s first term in his first term, we’ll have more people come into America illegally than in the entire state of Texas.

“There are 29 million people in Texas. Joe Biden will let in 30 million people in his first term based on who we apprehend. One out of three. You add the 30 million in four years to the other 30 million, that’s 60 million people here illegally in the United States. That’s 20% of the population.”

He said that Democrats and the Left want to take over the country. They can do it in four years if they let in 30 million. The next thing, “they’ll want to give them a green card. They can’t work without a social security number” and they’ll “want to give them citizenship and the right to vote and you lost your country.”

The political and cultural implications of this are devastating. Politically, it gives Democrats their permanent electoral majority, and culturally, we will be unrecognizable. Many of these people are bringing the corrupt culture they left. Some will be criminals and there will be terrorists as well. Anyone can see how badly Democrats will rule over this country. They are still the party of slavery and Jim Crow.


They asked Mr. Patrick if the promise to bus the illegal aliens to DC was a gimmick. He said it’s not but rather it’s a “constitutional showdown between the Governor and the legislature and the state of Texas and the federal government. Because Jen Psaki, how dare her say in the press conference the other day, well, this is a publicity stunt, we’re in charge of enforcement, you have no power. Let me tell you what our authority and power is.

“We have an oath to defend the constitution of Texas and the United States of America and to protect the lives and welfare of our citizens. And when the federal government comes in and interferes with our ability to keep our oath, then it’s time that we have a showdown.”

He also thinks they might revisit the Arizona law with a new Supreme Court in place. The Arizona law ruling determined that states can’t set their own immigration policies. It was a 5-3 decision along party lines.

Mr. Patrick explained that our Founders could never have envisioned a situation like this.

“We can’t let our country be taken over by people who don’t share our values and principles,” he said.

Watch the entire clip:

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