Musk and the Firing of 12 Floors of People


Elon Musk has been trolling Twitter on its own platform. One tweet was a poll asking: Convert Twitter SF HQ to homeless shelter since no one shows up anyway. In response, 91.5% said ‘yes’.

However, the response he got from businessman Matt Huber and responded to probably struck fear in the hearts of the San Fran employees. Huber shared a clip of Carl Icahn talking about firing 12 floors of employees. Musk’s response was “exactly”.

The Icahn story is one in which Icahn tells The New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin a story about his 1984 takeover of ACF Industries.

The company manufactured railroad cars and the price was cheap given the assets. After a day of work in the New York headquarters where employees occupied twelve floors of space, he told Sorkin, “I go home, take a look at my yellow pad. I can’t figure out what the hell they do.”

He asked the company’s COO how many employees they needed to do the work and the COO said to “fire them all”.

Icahn thought the guy could be crazy and hired a group of Columbia U consultants to find out what the employees do. After spending $250,000, the consultants said, “We don’t know what they do either.”

Huber then joked about it, but Musk tweeted, “I’m serious about this by the way”.

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