Typical Progressive Reacts to Being Greeted by a GOP Poll Worker


A Republican poll worker asked a person on his way to vote if he wanted a Republican ballot. Unfortunately, he asked a lunatic Democrat who had a meltdown and spewed the hate the party is now famous for.

“You “f***ing people try to overthrow the election; you might have been, might as well have been walking up to my head on the way to the polling station, putting a gun to my head, trying to tell me what to vote. You expect me not to take that personally?

“You f****** try to overthrow elections with violence, and then you’re out here among decent people.

“And what’s on your f******, what’s on your f******, your, what are your policy prescriptions? You’re already a rapist, right? Yeah, involving yourself in peoples’ f***ing families, and they’re f****** bedrooms.

“You try to steal my vote next year, I’m gonna f****** remember you personally.

“Let me get a picture. Is that alright, “s***bird?”

The poll worker kept his cool throughout and told him it was fine.

The poll worker, trying to escape the nut, asked a passerby going in to vote if he wanted a Republican ballot. The man said no when the nutty Progressive came up to him and told him not to be nice to these people. He continued to rant into the man’s face.

“They put on the face of the good neighbor, but they support lynch KKK, or they’re f****** Bible beating bigots and freaks.” As he left, he called the young poll worker an “animal.”

Watch this unhinged Democrat:


As this man abused the poll worker, he played the victim. Amazing that people don’t necessarily see through this.

This man could be dangerous, given his irrational behavior. It’s alarming because they’ve opened the border to more unhinged Third World people who will vote only Democrat. They’ve gone from lying, threats, and imprisonment to killing people. An innocent 69-year-old Jewish man was killed at dueling pro-Hamas and pro-Israel rallies. Police are looking at it as a possible hate crime, and witnesses said he was beaten.

They justify anything and everything they do by demonizing much of America like this vulgar, abusive bully screaming at the innocent poll worker.

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