Biden Lets Iran Buy & Sell Missiles Then Iran Proxy Gets a New Missile


The day Biden visited Israel, the UN sanctions on Iran selling and buying missiles and drones were allowed to expire. It was an agreement that Biden agreed to. That was in October.  Now it’s November, and one of the radical proxies of Iran announced a new missile.

The Islamic resistance in Iraq announced today that it has a medium-range missile intended for strikes against United States troops on bases around Iraq and Syria.

In this clip from Fox News, we can hear Antony Blinken do his best to strike fear into the hearts of those who would attack our soldiers. Blinken offers three words, “Don’t do it.” After 39 attacks, this is his pathetic response.

They will keep doing it because there’s generallyno response other than – don’t do it.

Mario Nawful reported the terrorists’ statement on X:

Official Statement by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq as they Launch Drone Attacks on U.S Base.

“The Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the American occupation base, Harir, in northern Iraq, with two drones, hitting their targets directly. (And victory is only from God. Indeed, God is Mighty, All-Wise) Islamic resistance in Iraq”

Source: Hezbollah TG

They justify all crimes by claiming they are the “resistance.”

The Biden administration and the Obama staff have allowed this.

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