Special Counsel Charges Trump with Causing the Events of Jan. 6


Special Counsel Jack Smith submitted a new filing in Donald Trump’s federal election interference case. He claims Mr. Trump is responsible for the events in the US capital on January 6 because they were a combination of his conspiracies to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

He’s getting as close as he can to charging him with insurrection.

Jack Smith, very partisan and far left

Smith’s Office filed it in response to Trump’s motion to strike “inflammatory” references to the violence of January 6, 2021, from his criminal indictment on four charges related to allegations. Trump is accused of interfering with the certification of Biden’s so-called election victory.

Special Counsel Assistant Molly Gaston called Trump‘s motion a “meritless” effort to evade allegations that he was responsible for the events in the capital that day.

Jack Smith also filed separate memos opposing Trump‘s effort to dismiss the case.

Trump said that he couldn’t have known any of his actions were criminal because others in the past weren’t prosecuted for protesting election results. In response, Assistant Special Counsel James Pierce said Trump “stands alone.” Pierce claims Trump was trying to illegitimately retain power. [Even though Trump did everything through the courts and other legally accepted means] Jack Smith also argued there’s no indication of “selective or vindictive prosecution.”

Donald Trump‘s attorneys have made four efforts to dismiss the charges.

The trial is scheduled for March 4.

At the same time, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has endorsed Ron DeSantis for the presidency. She says Trump can’t win.

So far, the polls show he can win. However, he faces 91 criminal counts in two states and the District of Columbia with compromised judges and juries, and a documents case in Florida with a fair judge, Judge Cannon.

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