Tyrant Whitmer hires far-left political group to collect medical data of MI residents


Update: She was caught and she had to cancel the contract. She’s dangerous.

Whitmer has teamed up with a progressive data mining activist group tied to socialist Democrats to gather medical information on Michigan residents throughout the state. The purpose is to set up contact tracing. The far-left politically-tied group will have detailed medical information of residents all across the state.

Whitmer announced Monday the voter/individual contact platform Every Action VAN had been selected to help track information and contacts and organize phone banking related to coronavirus research and response. EveryAction had been contracted with the state through a third party called Great Lakes Community Engagement, which specializes in outreach campaigns, The Detroit News reported.

The state’s contact tracing efforts essentially consist of determining who a COVID-19-positive individual may have been in contact with and calling that person up to inform them of exposure and ask them about any symptoms they may be experiencing.

Every Action’s CEO Stu Trevelyan is also chief executive of NGP VAN, according to his Twitter profile.  EveryAction handles nonprofit, corporate and government markets while NGP VAN works with campaigns.

Radical left “NGP Van” defines themselves on Twitter: NGP VAN is the leading political technology provider to Democratic & progressive campaigns & organizations.

This tyrannical governor has given leftist political activists access to Michigan’s health data.

As Don Jr. says “Oh Em Gee! This is some pretty scary stuff.”

That it is. It is very alarming.

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