Tyson Fires 1200 in Perry While Hiring 52,000 Illegals Elsewhere?


The billionaire Tyson family is closing a plant in Perry and firing everyone while they hire tens of thousands of illegal aliens for other plants.

Many companies want illegal immigration out of greed.

In this clip, Jesse Watters says they are firing 1200 Americans and hiring 8,000 illegal aliens. According to Citizen Free Press, “What Jesse Watters doesn’t mention is that Tyson’s plant in Iowa is 95% staffed by Illegal Aliens. So Tyson is firing 1,200 Illegals in Iowa while they announce plans to hire 52,000 Illegals for other meat processing plants.”

“Tyson Foods announced that it will be permanently closing its pork factory in Perry,” Watters said, “killing around 1200 jobs in a town of just 8,000 people. So, as Perry residents struggle to cope with mass layoffs, Tyson Foods has its eyes on a different class of workers.

“The company is now offering new jobs to asylum seekers in other states like New York. Bloomberg says Tyson’s tracking migrants in a massive database. They scroll through the data, like Facebook, and you see a worker you like, tap, hire.

“They even had a job fair.

“Oh, and the jobs come with perks, not just health insurance, Tyson’s also offering lawyers to its illegal alien workers and time off to attend immigration hearings in 2034. Of course, they’re firing Americans and offering perks to illegals. This was the Democrat plan all along.

Tyson told Fox News, “They have a very diverse set of employees, and they’re proud of it.”

If it’s true that the fired workers are 95% illegals, it shows how employees will be treated in the future.

As an added bonus, are they groomers?

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