NGOs Funded by the US Are Flying Haitians to Nicaragua


Erik Prince, founder of the private military company Blackwater, said that a Canadian NGO approached him trying to hire an aircraft to fly every day from Haiti to Nicaragua so they could walk to the US illegally. Nicaragua is participating in the invasion with the US State Department. 

Prince said Haiti is more chaotic than Kabul is with the Taliban. In the clip below, he explains how Haiti got to this point and the mistakes that were made. He criticized Biden for sending Kenyan troops to secure the nation, saying people from Kenya, a country 8,000 miles away, had no stake in doing it. The US has interfered in Haiti’s leadership, overturning one corrupt administration for another.

The country is run by incredibly corrupt and evil people. The people live in the most impoverished conditions. Bodies are lying in the streets, rotting.

The story would have been different if the State Department allowed Blackwater to set up law enforcement facilities.

His last three points: The elites in Haiti pay off Democrats, the Biden-Blinken State Department is a failure, and NGOs are actively seeking aircraft to fly them from Haiti to the US.

Haiti isn’t on the brink. It is a failed country, but they are gender inclusive.

The US administration is funding NGOs who are flying unvetted and untracked Haitians to the US.

Machete Killers are heading for the US.

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