U.N. Agency Says Countries Must Take Anyone Claiming to Be a Refugee


Migrants in the first large caravan, who are hoping for a payday in the United States, are demanding “safe and dignified transport” to the United States. Some are returning home, others are seeking refuge in Mexico, but there are endless streams of young men not turning back.

It’s not just caravans any longer, it’s an endless stream of large groups.

The U.N., a worthless institution of dictators, says countries must allow people at risk to request asylum.

The people in these groups are economic migrants who want to enter the country illegally and collect welfare. We have a welfare state with open borders and that is unsustainable.

The economic migrants are pretending they are all refugees. Cartels and others, possibly NGOs are teaching them what to say.

The U.N. refugee agency will not weigh in on whether it is legal for a country to close its borders to refugees and asylum seekers. But it says international law clearly states any person whose life may be in danger has the right to seek asylum and benefit from international protection.

They know the U.S. doesn’t have the manpower to deal with these groups of thousands at a time.

The mobs of invaders are all using the terminology needed to feign refugee status and real refugees can’t be distinguished from opportunists.

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