U.N. Wants a Worldwide Law Criminalizing Cultural Appropriation


Leftists from all around the world are calling on a 189-delegate United Nations committee to make cultural appropriation a criminal offense.

Racist Cupcake

The UN’s World Intellectual Property Organization has been in Geneva this week working on a mission that began in 2001. They are creating international regulations that will ban people from “stealing” indigenous art, dance, and medicine. It will do more than ban, it will punish offenders.

No more of this.

The U.N. statists want global laws with enforcement mechanisms to punish those who steal from a culture as if it were a criminal offense.

Not only would this stifle innovation but it will divide people, to say nothing of the fact that the U.N. wants to rule the world.

James Anaya, the dean of law at the University Colorado, spoke to the committee on Monday and insisted the plan “obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognize and prevent the non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale and export of traditional cultural expressions.”

Almost everything has been labeled cultural appropriation at this point, except those that pertain to Western Europeans.

Cultural appropriation has become an oppressive leftist mechanism to control people.

Recently, a burrito shop in Portland had to close because the owners are white. Katy Perry spent the weekend apologizing for all her cultural appropriation sins because she didn’t realize how terrible they were. For example, she didn’t know there is power in black women’s hair so braids are out. A performance she put on during which she dressed as a Japanese woman is almost unforgivable. She was widely criticized for it.

The U.N. loons want to protect indigenous designs, dances, words, medicines and more. Words? Medicines? They better not use Western European and U.S. medicines then.

Anaya cited Urban Outfitters’ “Navajo hipster panties”, “Navajo print flask” and “peace treaty feather necklaces” as examples of products falsely advertised as Indigenous-made or endorsed.

A group of left-wing Native-Americans sued Urban Outfitters and reached an agreement.

False advertising is different from cultural appropriation. He’s conflating two different issues. Besides, it’s not even accurate. Urban Outfitters did nothing wrong.

These communists and socialists want to pass laws worldwide to stifle progress and imprison people in every way imaginable. This must never be legitimized.

Isn’t globalism grand?


  • Well, do we have enough Federal Marshals to enforce this law against all of the people who steal our American culture when they come into this country and those in other countries who “steal” our indigenous ways of freedom,………………..What kind of boobs are running the U.N.??
    Are you kidding me????
    Will the Redskins sue Pocahontas Senator Warren who committed felony perjury while usurping the Indian Culture to obtain benefits which have federal financial support?
    Clearly, Warren is in violation of criminal statutes, which require her to be taken into custody immediately, despite her “snowflake” protected status.
    How can intelligent citizens believe that she has special status under the laws which apply to everyone!! She can be stripped of her license to practice law and therefore consequently of her right and certification to teach ‘law’ at Haaaarvard Law School. WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS FLAKE COME FROM?? PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A.??!! Haw, Haw, Haw, Haw, Haw
    It just proves that if you can’t catch the game fish, (leaders to lead), I guess you have to have as much fun catching the toad fish, eh??……………………………………………

  • I certainly don’t want to be labeled a wigger or a wangster! Believe it or not, these are real words used to describe white people who, for example, wear corn rows in their hair or baggy pants with their underwear showing. Banning cultural appropriation means we couldn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day. Halloween would also be outlawed because kids often dress up like people from other cultures. What’s wrong with the world when adults can’t drink green beer and kids can’t play dress up!

  • Well, our United Nations dollars hard at work with ideas form the brightest, eh??? HaHaHaHahaha