UC Berkeley Thug Appears in Court for Beating a Conservative on Campus – Update


Update with Greenberg’s lawyer’s response at the end

Zachary Greenberg made his first court appearance Wednesday for three felony charges. He declined to comment. Mr. Greenberg is the leftist who beat a conservative man on the Berkeley campus because he didn’t like the young man’s signs.

Greenberg violently assaulted Hayden Williams, a Turning Point USA official.

Last week, Williams was called up on stage by the President during his CPAC speech, and that had to burn the raging Democrat.

Hopefully, Greenberg will learn a lesson and refrain from violence in the future. He needs some anger management training.

Williams hired renowned lawyer, Harmeet Dhillon, who was in court today to watch the proceedings. In this clip, Ms. Dhillon discusses the case on Fox News prior to today’s hearing.


Greenberg’s lawyer commented after the court pleading, referencing his age, as if being 28 years old somehow exonerates him. It doesn’t, he is well into adulthood.

The thuggish leftist also doesn’t look very sorry.

It’s hard to know how Mr. Greenberg can defend against the assault we all saw on tape, but we expect his attorney to plead based on his “young” age. Perhaps she will make him into the victim or smear Mr. Williams in way of a defense.

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