Uh Oh German Catholic priests bless same sex unions


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The Roman Catholic Church clearly forbids same-sex unions, yet some German priests blessed same-sex unions in defiance. It was live-streamed nationwide.

Dozens of priests in Germany vowed to denounce the Vatican, stating that “we raise our voices and say: We will continue to accompany people who enter into a binding partnership in the future and bless their relationship,” the group said in a statement.

The plan is in complete opposition to the Vatican’s decree in March stating that the Catholic Church will not bless same-sex unions because God “does not and cannot bless sin,” according to a statement made by the Vatican that was approved by Pope Francis.

In response, more than 230 professors of Catholic theology in Germany – and other countries where German is spoken – signed a statement protesting the decision, according to a previously reported story in the Associated Press.

The group proclaimed, in the statement, that the decree “is marked by a paternalistic air of superiority and discriminates against homosexual people and their life plans,” CBS News reported.

Dozens of German priests have signed a statement saying that they will continue to bless same-sex partnerships, CBS News reported Thursday.

One of the organizers, Klaus Nelissen, told the Wall Street Journal that a Monday was chosen because that is traditionally a priest’s day off: “No bishop can tell them not to do it, since they are doing it on their own time,” he said.

It was only a matter of time for the church to be attacked for its teachings. The decision had been made but the German progressive priests don’t believe in their vows of faith and obedience.


Ed Morrissey of Hot Air writes, “Is this the ghost of Martin Luther come to generate another schism? Perhaps it’s more the prospect of making lucre instead. Germany allocates a certain portion of tax revenue back to churches based on affiliation, which means that German bishops and priests have a financial incentive to get butts in the pews regardless of church teaching.”

A report from last summer by Catholic News Agency explains the mechanism:

The Church in Germany received more money in church tax than ever before in 2019 despite losing a record number of members.

According to official figures released Monday, the German Church received 6.76 billion euros ($7.75 billion) in 2019.

This represents a increase of more than 100 million euros ($115 million) compared to 2018, when the Church gained 6.64 billion euros from the tax. The rise is believed to be due to the growth of Germany’s economy in 2019.

If an individual is registered as a Catholic in Germany, 8-9% of their income tax goes to the Church. The only way they can stop paying the tax is to make an official declaration renouncing their membership. They are no longer allowed to receive the sacraments or a Catholic burial.

Money talks. Who’s funding this?

The Catholic Church only believes in sacramental marriage. By rights, these German priests should be defrocked.

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Historic Eggplant Czar
Historic Eggplant Czar
2 years ago

Under orders from comrade kommissar Pope?
The first non-Euro pope in over 1000 years with a South American commie background.
Where else would the devil hide in plain sight.