Uh Oh, Radical Climate Scammer Becomes Australia’s Prime Minister


Far-far-left Labor Party activist Anthony Albanese defeated Prime Minister Scott Morrison and is the new Prime Minister of Australia. He has already talked about a radical climate change plan.

Outgoing PM Scott Morrison, the leader of an ousted Liberal-National coalition, thanked the “miracle of the Australian people” after conceding.

Vote counting is ongoing and Labor needs a few more seats to secure a majority. If they don’t secure the majority, the Greens and Independents will have greater influence in an even more radical climate change action plan.

There isn’t even any global warming. It’s a scam from the would-be feudal lords who hope to make serfs of all of us peasants.

He is a globalist – a radical – who will team up with Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern. These people are way off to the Left. They’re actually worse than communists. They’re climate scammers.

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