Uh Oh, The FBI Seized Mayor Adams Devices As They Investigate


New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who defied Joe Biden by complaining about the open borders ruining New York City, is now under scrutiny by the FBI. The national police force is investigating his fundraiser for taking campaign contributions from a foreign country.

As a sidenote, Curtis Sliwa claims Adams met with the mob bosses before the election. This was allegedly part of his campaign to win the election.

Since the raid on his fundraiser’s house, he has been forced to turn over all of his devices.

His fundraiser allegedly excepted campaign funds from Turkey. All this went unnoticed until Adams complained about the open borders.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Maybe it took time to build a case, or not.

The NY Times:

The agents approached the mayor on the street on Monday and asked his security detail to step away, one of the people said. They climbed into his S.U.V. with him and, pursuant to a court-authorized warrant, took his devices, the person said. The devices — at least two cellphones and an iPad — were returned to the mayor within a matter of days, the people said. Law enforcement investigators with a search warrant can make copies of the data on devices after they seize them.

A lawyer for Mr. Adams and his campaign said in a statement that the mayor had “immediately complied with the F.B.I.’s request and provided them with electronic devices” after an event on Monday.

The lawyer, Boyd Johnson, noted that Mr. Adams has not been accused of wrongdoing and was cooperating with federal authorities.

They took his phone and iPad. We don’t know if they got his burner phones which he reportedly uses.

Adams has claimed that he talks to God and God wants him in this position. Maybe there was a miscommunication.

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