UK Eco-Terrorist Protests an All-Electric Grand Prix in London


Just Stop Oil eco-terrorists in the UK ruin paintings, throw milk on items in grocery stores, glue themselves to pavements, and one dummkopf protested an all-electric Grand Prix in London.

The first video is long, but you can easily skip ahead. These kids, calling themselves “The Goon Squad,” investigated and dealt with the “Just Stop Oil” radical protesters. The Squad thinks Just Stop Oil is hurting the cause. The Goons want to stop oil also, but without aggravating everyone.

The Goons found out how the protesters operate and then planned how they’d stop them while wearing t-shirts saying, “Just Stop Pissing Everyone Off.”

The Goons think climate change is “the worst crisis facing” the UK today. Their efforts to not piss everyone off is good even though the cause is a hoax.

This is the solution they came up with:

People can’t get to work or home because of these eco-terrorists.

This officer knows how to handle them.

The Just Stop Oil branch of the UK hysterics glued their hands to pavements last year, and some continue to do it.  They get to punish themselves. Clown World!

This is a soap opera star and activist. This took place in December 2022.

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