UK Immigrants Tortured Children for Years – A Warning for the US


A judge in the UK had to retire because he couldn’t stand listening to the horror stories of the young girls who were gang raped and tortured by foreign men. These Asian men are free, and they are still in the UK, not deported.

This should serve as a cautionary tale for America, but it likely won’t. The borders are still open, and at least half the country doesn’t care about the sex trafficking of children.


Judge Peter Ross, 65, retired because he couldn’t stand to listen to the horror stories of what foreign men were doing to the poor white girls in the UK.

“I have done some major cases over the last three years, including the last three Oxford grooming trials.

“They were exhausting [and also] emotional because of what you are listening to.

“And intellectually, because the areas are relatively new or novel law is involved, and from a case management perspective particularly, they are simply huge.

“I decided I had had enough because of their sheer size and because one listens not just to the accounts of what happened, awful though they are, but you also see the terrible consequences upon the lives of the young women who have been the victims.

“Their lives are destroyed, and that’s quite distressing to observe at close quarters.”

He added: “I challenge anyone to be left untouched by some of the horrifying stories you listen to.”

He wants people to wake up to the “madness.”


In Rochdale, the police and social workers didn’t help the girls who were grabbed by grooming gangs. There are 96 men still free. They raped and impregnated children and kept some in cages.

This went on for years.

The victims were white girls, and the pedophile perpetrators were foreign men of South Asian origin. There were countless rapes of countless children.

Children as young as 11 were gang raped. Boys were also grabbed and abused.

You can read about some of the horror here. It includes some of the horrors listed in the X post below.

Close the borders.

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1 month ago

sub human.

Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
1 month ago

Diversity is our strength said no one ever.