Ukraine Breaks Through 1st Russian Lines, Potentially Toward Nuclear War


Ukrainian forces are advancing in the south and have scored a [major?] breakthrough of some of the 1st Russian lines of defense as they also move to take territory in the east. Ukraine gained 20 miles. This is the beginning of an assault that Putin warned could ignite the use of nuclear weapons. Ukrainians are moving into the areas Putin annexed forever.

Most experts do not believe Putin will make good on his threat to use nuclear weapons. What do you think?

Kyiv’s troops are attacking down the west bank of the Dnipro River. They have taken the town of Zolota Balka, it was reported Monday.

It comes after the key city of Lyman, in Donetsk, was captured by Ukrainian forces at the weekend.

Ukraine took the town of Torske – located around seven miles east of the city of Lyman.

Kyiv’s commanders say troops are now attacking the town of Kreminna, in neighbouring Luhansk. Taking the city would open the door to an assault on the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Those are cities that Russia spent weeks and huge amounts of manpower capturing over the summer.

That’s three of the four annexed areas.

According to The Daily Mail, it means that Putin’s troops are now losing ground in three out of the four Ukrainian regions he annexed last week – illegally declaring that any attack on them would be considered an attack on Russia and may trigger a nuclear response. Confirmed

The operational group also published a video in which a Russian soldier complains that the Ukrainian Forces have broken through the first line of defence in Kherson Oblast.

Ukrainska Pravda’s sources have confirmed a breakthrough by the Ukrainian forces.

Another source in the southern group of the Armed Forces noted that there had been a breakthrough in some areas of the first line of Russian defence. But “it’s too early to say anything in particular yet because it’s a large front.”

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine have launched offensive actions on many fronts in Ukraine’s South,” reports Nataliya Humenyuk. She is the head of the Joint Press Centre of the Security and Defence Forces Pivden (South).

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