Russian Bombers in Cornwall, Cossacks In Captured Ukrainian Town


Russia is beginning to make its moves.

BBC reports that Russian bombers appeared off Cornwall on Wednesday though they did not enter sovereign airspace.

This move could be a reigniting of the Cold War or more ominously, Russia could be testing how NATO countries respond.

This isn’t the first time Russia has entered the English Channel or English airspace or that of other NATO allies.

Watch the Russian bombers escorted by the RAF.

Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon admitted he was “worried about Putin”.

He said: “I’m worried about his pressure on the Baltics, the way he is testing Nato.”

Recently, they captured an Estonian border guard and have not returned him.

The UK defense secretary says there is a “real and present danger” of Russia trying to destabilise the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Michael Fallon said he was worried about “pressure” from Russian President Vladimir Putin on the ex-Soviet states, which are Nato members.

Russia might use tactics there similar to those it used in Ukraine, he said.

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander told the BBC he too had “very real concerns” about the situation.

While this was going on, Putin’s cossacks and Russian separatists took over the key town of Debaltseve in East Ukraine.

Debaltseve is a key Christian town of 25,000. This town will keep Ukraine soldiers at bay because of its strategic position and the capture ensures the economic stability of the Russian separatist areas. It holds significant symbolic value.

Cossacks are brutal and they are fierce fighters.

The Ukrainian troops fled in an organized retreat according to the Ukraine president. About 80% of Ukraine’s soldiers escaped.

map of Debaltseve
Ukrainian soldiers retreating from Debaltseve described a “living hell.”

Soldiers in bullet-ridden vehicles spoke of enduring weeks of harrowing rebel shelling, barrages designed to annihilate their ranks.

“Starting at night, they would fire at us just to stop us from sleeping,” a Ukrainian soldier named Andrei told the AP, sitting in his truck outside Artemivsk. “They did this all night. Then in the morning, they would attack, wave after wave. They did this constantly for three weeks.”

Nikolai Kozitsyn

Cossack fighters were jubilant, laughing and hugging after taking over the town.

A woman reacts as she removes debris in front of her house, which was damaged during fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces, in Horlivka

The woman above looks heartbroken as she removes the debris in front of what is left of her home.


Russia has no intention of engaging in a ceasefire. Meetings are an exercise in futility.

Russia will continue to lie and eventually they will have control of Ukraine. There is a real possibility they will go into the Baltics one way or the other. They would be in Estonia for days before Barack Obama would even set up a meeting to discuss it. He’d probably go on vacation to discuss the minimum wage first.

Putin has already said he will invade the Baltics, our NATO allies, already weakened by Barack Obama.

In January, Zbigniew Brzezinski, a left-wing foreign policy expert who served under president Jimmy Carter, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the United States and its allies should deploy troops to Baltic states to deter Russia from staging a possible incursion in those countries.

He said he feared Russian President Vladimir Putin might try to take control over Baltic countries in a lightning move that could take NATO by surprise, according to USA Today.

A nightmare scenario could be that “one day — and I literally mean one day — he just seizes Riga and Tallinn … That would literally take him one day. There’s no way they could resist,” Brzezinski said.

“And then we’ll say how horrible, how shocking, how outrageous. But, of course, we can’t do anything about it,” he said, without risking a potential nuclear conflict.

We can count on no substantive reaction if any from Barack Obama. This is a perfect time for Vladimir Putin to attack.

Barack Obama was always clueless on Russia. He didn’t even understand what Romney meant when he called Russia a geopolitical foe. Obama is a community organizer with little understanding of the geopolitical scene.

Remember Hillary Clinton bragged about the Russian reset, after blaming the attack in Georgia on Bush and after Russia made its move in Crimea. She tried to put a happy face on the administration’s disastrous handling of Russia.

Yes Hillary, look where we are now.


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