Ukrainian MP Says They’re Fighting for the ‘New World Order’


Yesterday, on Fox News, a Ukrainian MP — Kira Rudik — said she was fighting for the New World Order. She had shared a series of photos of herself holding an IF47, which brought her to the attention of Fox.

Her comments have gone viral and the Left is still claiming the NWO is a myth, the stuff of legends. It doesn’t matter that the WEF is out in the open now and is quite clear on how they envision this new world. To them, it’s a feudalistic system with elites and peasants, although they describe it in a more inviting way.

“It’s not only fight for Ukraine but for this New World Order for the democratic countries,” Ms. Rudik told the early morning Fox News host.

Mr. Rudik says in the Fox interview on the tape below that she’s fighting for the New World Order. The New World Order, as many in the US know it, is The Great Reset — the Build Back Better authoritarianism that is the brainchild of the wacky billionaires and elitists of the World Economic Forum (Davos.

Some on social media are saying she might only be referencing the new world order in terms of being more European as opposed to living under the Russian jackboot.


However, upon further research, that does not appear to be the case. Ms. Rudik is the former CEO of Ring of Ukraine which was sold to Amazon for $1 billion. She has been active at Davos.

Ms. Rudik appears to be a globalist and has served as the First Deputy Head of the Digital Transformation Committee. The digital crew wants all of the world to fuse the physical, digital, and biological world with intermediaries who do such things as determine each person’s creditworthiness.

Soros NGOs and Bidenites have been busy in Ukraine. Who knows what they believe at this point, but this isn’t a good sign.


I gather Putin is not a fan of The New World Order. He wants to go back to the World Order than had Ukraine as part of Russia.

“Putin Calls Out The New World Order And It’s Agenda “Anything that does not suit… the powers that be, is denounced as archaic, obsolete, and useless… Everything it regards as useful is presented as the ultimate truth and forced on others regardless of the cost, abusively…”

However, he is himself an authoritarian.


This Australian woman thinks the globalists are using all of us, including Ukraine. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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5 months ago

Putin is a gangster, thug, murderer, thief, and is masquerading as a friend of conservatives by manipulating this segment of society that has libertarian/freedom values who know about the new world order being bad, as well as wokism, critical race theory, cancel culture, deep state, Democrat’s being hypocrites and anti-freedom. He monitors Fox news and other conservative sites and is speaking against the New World order and American corporate interests partly to gain favor with this group and create more division in the West. He can’t be trusted because he is a pathological liar. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy, so Putin is in league with the beast.

Dr. Paul Dowling
5 months ago

Your series of articles is actually quite good in the coverage being offered. So many voices are being represented. Everyone from Bill O’Reilly, to NWO-supporting MPs in Ukraine, to US politicians and wire services. Thank you for your efforts at providing all the information.

5 months ago

Putin is a strange bedfellow to those who hate the New World Order. He is cleaning out the NWO from Ukraine right now, making no demand that Zelensky resign. Is Zelensky anti-NWO, as Putin is? If relatively few civilians have been killed, as Reuters is reporting, it would seem that Putin is indeed removing the Global Deep State. Were the prisoners released by Zelensky recently perhaps also anti-NWO, imprisoned initially by corrupt politicians? Is all of this going to end up helping Zelensky in the end, as well as Putin? If we expand our perspective and our willingness to think outside the box, we might see a larger game being played. We must leave aside the lenses provided to us by the NWO-sympathetic media over the years, and see with new eyes. We must follow the evidence that is before us first, before seeking to manipulate its meaning within the comfort zone we have constructed for ourselves, based upon years of direct and subliminal messaging by the legacy media. In the end, it is likely, Putin will get the breakaway regions he wants, and Zelensky will remain in power without near as much corruption to battle. Russia will get the pipeline it wants through Ukraine (instead of having to use the more expensive alternative that goes underwater) to get his gas to Europe. Zelensky will get a much more manageable situation in his own country that will allow him more easily to achieve reelection. The signal for real peace talks will probably be when Zelensky states his readiness for them, and this will likely be triggered by the fact that Russian troops have finished the job of cleaning out the NWO actors. Speculative, but the best I can do for now, based upon research and not my previous scripting that was given to me by the legacy media.

5 months ago

I hope Putin Marches to Davos and burns the town down; just to make a point! The WEF is Evil and Putin seems to be the only one fighting them.

Oscar Had a Heap of Apples
Oscar Had a Heap of Apples
5 months ago

She makes me moist!