Leaked Tape of Joe Biden’s Crazy Profligate Son


Hunter Biden, Joe’s profligate son, is currently the subject of a federal criminal investigation after banks flagged four large transactions as “potential criminal activity.” One was for $100,000 and it came from China, as reported on Sarah Palin’s website.

Listen to even some of the tape you can find on Bit Chute as Hunter rants in one of his drug-induced rants. You will wonder how he was worth $80,000 a month for a no-show job in Ukraine.

In it, Hunter rambles about personal problems, Donald Trump and Kanye West.

Speaking to his ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan, a “lingerie entrepreneur,” the younger Biden complained about his financial, legal, and personal problems.

“Donald Trump is a patch on the a** of f******” Hunter said. “I just don’t understand it.”

“It’s not only that, he’s a bad person,” Hunter said of the former president.

The people who live in glass houses quote comes to mind.

“Donald Trump is the legacy of what we could’ve ended up with,” Hunter says. “Which is that fame, wealth, notoriety, accomplishment in many senses…” Hunter then went on about Kanye West.

“I hate people that their purpose is to create press,” Biden said of Kanye West. “He endears himself, though, to the white f****** pseudo f****** racists in South Carolina,” he added.

I guess he can see Donald Trump’s heart and read Kanye West’s mind.

Yet the Left has the gall to condemn Donald Trump’s very accomplished children.

The audio is long but can be heard on Bit Chute here.

A girlfriend and his baby momma recently testified before a grand jury about his wild spending and who knows what else.

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Won't Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again
1 year ago

Federal criminal investigation, bwahaha!
Time for a tarmac meeting or some laptop destruction.
The swamp is so cute and they really need to up their game in the brainpower department.