Police Scotland Will Round Up Hate Speech Criminals, Like Misgenderers


America is not alone. Scotland has gone nuts, also. They will implement a new Hate Crime and Public Order Act early in 2024. People who misgender or won’t allow men in the ladies room will be rounded up. This act expands upon existing law, offering more protection for so-called vulnerable groups. It introduces the idea of stirring up hatred as a crime, reports Reclaim the Net.

In anticipation, they are setting up a police unit to tackle hate and misgendering. They are planning to train 16,400 law enforcement officers.

There are critics. Some are concerned it may invigorate the increasingly toxic culture wars surrounding gender issues.

Ya think?

Humza Yousef came up with this law. He is the Cabinet Secretary for Orwellian Justice.

Also, women’s rights advocates warn that women may find themselves entangled in allegations of transphobia.

According to the Scottish Express, Helen Joyce, a member of the human rights group Sex Matters, fears it will have a chilling effect on free speech.

Miss Joyce continued. “Are we going to see teachers who say that boys who identify as girls can’t go into the girls’ changing rooms pursued by this new police unit? If misgendering counts as a hate crime, then people who simply speak the truth risk a criminal record, and it is chilling to think that a dedicated police unit will be now pursuing people who are acting in the best interests of women and children.”

So far, Police Scotland has not said how large the unit will be or explained how much it will cost.

In conclusion, some people in Scotland are as crazy as we are. The West is giving up their human rights in the name of human rights.

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