UK’s Illegal Immigration Is Just Like the US Illegal Immigration


UK residents

Suppose you’re wondering why Britain has a massive rape culture in some cities and pro-Hamas rioters in the streets of London. In that case, you should know that they have open borders with unvetted foreigners coming in, and they, too, are men of military age.

The people also complain about their political parties being too similar – they have a Uniparty.


Most people in the West believe the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF) are the reason this is all happening. They are meeting this week in Davos and they are crazy. This fellow voices concerns we may all have, but I must warn you that he uses profane language.

As in the US, the invaders are unhappy with their new free accommodations.

Just like the US, Ireland wants hate speech laws to protect the invaders.

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1 month ago

How so few can control the masses without the masses fighting back. Amazing. You would think these creeps would be running for their lives, but no.