WEF Is Going Just As You’d Expect as We Head for the New World ‘Era’


During an interview at the World Economic Forum, WEF President Borge Brende asked NSA Chief Jake Sullivan about the New World Order. Jake didn’t want to call it a new world order but rather a new era that the WEF will get to shape.

What is the difference?

“The teacher in me coming out,” Sullivan said. “I think of this a little bit more about a transition of eras rather than a “transition of orders, but the two are kind of cousins of one another. The reason I draw the distinction is because I don’t think the international order built after 1945 is getting replaced wholesale with some new order.

“It will obviously evolve as it has evolved multiple times over the decades since 1945, but I do think in a more sharp and distinctive way we are moving into a new era, and that’s what I talked about in my remarks. That we are, you know, the post-Cold War era has come to a close. We’re at the start of something new. We have the capacity to shape what that looks like, and at the heart of it will be many of the core principles and core institutions of the existing order adapted for the challenges that we face today.”

These unelected lunatics are going to decide the future of eight million peopl.e

Klaus Schwab has already said, “Who masters technologies, in some way, will be ze masters of the world.” More importantly, he said, “We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

“Let’s also be clear. The future is not just happening; the future is filled by us, by a powerful community like you here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

Schwab said there are two conditions. “The first one is that we react all as stakeholders of larger communities, so we serve not our only self-interests, but we serve the community. That’s what we call stakeholder responsibility.” Second, we “collaborate”.
In other words, they will decide, but they will collaborate with the peons.

They’re rebuilding trust! What a joke.  Adolf, I mean Klaus, wants this meeting to kick off their rebuilding trust agenda. Lots of luck with that, you liars.

Trust is the ship that sailed.

Consumers will be able to track their own carbon footprint soon. Isn’t that just peachy keen? And do the results go right to the government?

The global CBDCs will be programmable with expiry dates.

You won’t have free speech either.

Archbishop Carlo Vigano:

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1 month ago

It’s time to shitte or get off the pot folks.

1 month ago

Wont be to much longer until they’re designated as a terrorist organization, and are hunted down as fugitives.

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hunt back…