Ultra Mega Lefty NY Times Abandons Biden


New York Times reporters Alan Rappeport and Jim Tankersley published a piece on Friday titled “As Elections Approach, Biden Spins His Economic Record,” which claimed that the president’s boasts about his mega economic achievements were not true.

It looks like the liberals can’t even take any more of Joe Biden. They wouldn’t have published this if they weren’t throwing mega liar Joe under the bus.

They began by trashing Biden’s more famous recent lies. “As President Biden and his administration have told it in recent months, America has the fastest-growing economy in the world, his student debt forgiveness program passed Congress by a vote or two, and Social Security benefits became more generous thanks to his leadership.”

The Times said none of that was true and then explained why it wasn’t.

While the Times made certain to say Donald Trump was worse at every opportunity, they basically called Biden a liar.

The president, who has long been seen as embellishing the truth, has recently overstated his influence on the economy, or omitted key facts. This week, Mr. Biden praised himself for giving retirees a raise during a speech in Florida.

They then went on to explain that the increase is tied to inflation. He had nothing to do with the Social Security increase.

The article referenced his deficit lie.

“This year the deficit, under our leadership, is falling by $1.4 trillion,” he said last week in Syracuse, N.Y. “Ladies and gentlemen, the largest ever one-year cut in American history on the deficit.”

Left unsaid was the fact that the deficit was so high in the first place because of pandemic relief spending, including a $1.9 trillion economic aid package the president pushed through Congress in 2021 and which was not renewed. Mr. Biden was in effect claiming credit for not passing another round of emergency assistance.

There’s more, but it is very similar to what CNN did earlier today. They probably got the word from above – cut Joe Biden loose.

The article wasn’t honest in that Joe has lied from day one. He didn’t start with the elections as the artilce suggests.  For the Times, it’s a mega message to a mega incompetent president.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
4 months ago

Quit referring to Joe Biden as “president”. He’s nothing more than a pathological liar with evil compulsions for doing harm to others, inclduing against children and women. His ‘brain disease’ is his blackened racist heart.

4 months ago

It’s even difficult for the NY Times to continue to carry water for their lying president. Any sane person can see what the left is doing to destroy this country. But then again, those on the left aren’t sane.

Last edited 4 months ago by Martha
4 months ago

Democrats will have no Choice but to Jettison Traitor Joe after the Election. It will probably be by 25th Amendment. Then the Inner Circle will claim he was Senile and they had no control over him. Though, there is still the possibility of an Accident or an Act of God. It is now all going to be about escaping responsibility and escaping Jail or the Gallows. If there is an Impeachment, it will drag in the Inner Circle and many others into the spotlight. That would be ugly. The Biden Family Mafia will be the Sacrifice.

The question is, “Will the Republicans have the stomach to seek justice and go after the rest of the conspirators?” I fear there are too many Republican Leaders involved in the attempt to take over the Country and turn it into a Tyrannical Feudal State. Only Civil War would see real Justice, but at get cost.

Tuesday’s Election won’t be the end; it will be the beginning. The beginning of what is still undecided! Putting the rightful President back in the White House would be the just thing to do, but the probability is low. Heels Up Harris is too stupid to give up the Office. There are too many stupid people in Government and you can’t fix Stupid.

The next 3 months will be, let’s say, interesting!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
4 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

A 10/10 comment

4 months ago

Maybe after the election, libs are ready to shitcan the demented one in favor of the Giggler.